30 Jun 2009

Universal Phone Chargers for Europe

It’s not often that something the EU (European Union) does is so clearly a step in the right direction. So what did they do? They got the major phone manufacturers to agree to a single type of phone charger and this will be implemented in every phone by 1st January 2010. Whoo hoo!

They went with the micro USB connector which is already a fairly well used by many phones. Being USB it can carry data as well as power, so connecting your new phone to your computer won’t require a new cable either.

The EU wants to cut down on the number of mains chargers that are made and then chucked away. But since every new phone comes with a mains charger how will that change anything? It’s good for the consumer as we’d just need one mains charger plugged in to recharge any phone in the house. About frigging time.

Now how about standardising electrical plugs and sockets next? I propose the British system is adopted by Europe because it’s the safest with a built-in fuse, built-in earth, and the socket’s pin holes are closed so little fingers or children poking things into the holes can’t reach the live connection. The holes are automatically opened when a plug is pushed in; the earth pin is slightly longer, it mechanically opens the live and neutral pin holes. Sometimes when I buy new electrical items it comes with 2 different cables (for Europe/UK or US/UK) and sadly one has to be thrown away. If cables were made from liquorish I wouldn’t complain.