12 Apr 2009

First post is always the toughest

Finally I have a permanent blog after being on the Internet since 1991 and making my first web page in 1994. Finding the best blogging site and tools was a bit of an adventure since there are so many options and not everything does what you want or expect it to.

I’ve settled for Windows Live Writer for composing (I prefer a WYSIWYG desktop app) and Blogger.com for hosting. All I need now is a reliable way to post code snippets in a nicely formatted way – it needs to support CFML as well as JavaScript and HTML. Any ideas?


  1. Yeah, first post. About bloody time. Now stop commenting in my blog! Just kidding. AK.

  2. I would have suggested WordPress with two plugins:
    * SyntaxHighlighter Plus
    * Visual Code Editor

  3. Thanks for the recommendations, Jules. I will look at using SyntaxHighlighter with Blogger although there's no plugin to use it with Live Writer. Hopefully I won't regret not going with WordPress but I didn't realise they did free blog hosting, their home page focuses more on the software and the free download so I missed the bit that says "get a free blog". Doh.