18 Feb 2011

Genius Tech That Blew My Mind This Week

I stumbled upon two things this week that blew my mind. The first is a Xbox Kinect “hacker” who writes his own software to fully exploit Microsoft’s amazing hardware add-on. (Yes, I know it’s a few months old but you may not have seen it.) First check out this video. Keep in mind the Kinect is sitting stationary on his desk.

Genius video manipulation in 3D

A couple of months later he’s discovered how to link 2 Kinects together. What you will see is video from two stationary Kinect cameras. They do not move.

Super genius manipulation in 3D space with 2 Kinects

Taking this to the next level but with practical gaming in mind, look at what he did with a Kinect set up in two remote locations, a network connection between him and his colleague, a Doom 3 map and lots of clever code.

Augmented virtual reality taken to a new level across a network

Lastly, I was really impressed to see that a radio controlled hummingbird has been invented that uses nothing but wing-flapping to propel itself and behave remarkably like the real thing. It’s only 19 grams in weight (0.7oz) but can carry a camera to transmit live video back to its base.

The video of it flying in action is at NewScientist.com

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