18 Dec 2012

Adobe release details of next 2 ColdFusion releases

Since Adobe acquired ColdFusion from Macromedia in 2005 they’ve been pretty tight lipped about future releases. There’s always been speculation about the future of the product, but Adobe have just shown the first signs that they’re changing their ways and giving ColdFusion developers a really big boost.

What has triggered this change at Adobe? Maybe because their accountants noticed the last quarter was the most successful for ColdFusion since 2008? “More of that please!” I hear them shout from the top of the tower! :-)

First off ColdFusion “Splendor” (that’s its code name for version 11) will be released in 2013 followed relatively quickly by “Dazzle” a year later. Adobe have committed to faster development cycles and lots of new features:

  • Streamlined mobile application development
  • Revamped and new PDF functions (at last, yay!)
  • Easy social media integration for Enterprise
  • Improved installation and deployment
  • Enterprise performance & scalability
  • Responsive multi screen content (erm, that’s client-side stuff)
  • Social analytics
  • Enterprise video portal (whatever that is?)

Read all of Adobe’s announcements about CF at their blog and checkout the roadmap PDF too.

Well done Adobe, no one expected to hear so much about the next release, yet alone the release after that as well!


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