7 May 2009

Windows 7 RC downgraded my graphics

After battling through an incompatibility problem with AVG after upgrading from Vista (spit!), I was very pleased with Windows 7. It’s performance, looks and usability have all been improved.

Windows 7 rated my graphics card (ATI X1700 built into the laptop) as 4.4 for “Graphics” which is pretty good. Then I was alerted to some updates including one for ATI graphics which was unexpected. After the update and a reboot I re-ran the performance test and was astonished that it downgraded my respectable 4.4 rating to a measly 2.1. I ran it again to check and it was the same.

The “Gaming Graphics” rating remained at 3.3. So Windows 7 after the update reckons my card is more capable of 3D gaming that it is of moving 2D windows around the screen.

The most annoying thing is, Microsoft removed the reporting tool from the release candidate so I can’t inform Microsoft about this problem. Like everyone else I just have to blog about RC problems instead.

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  1. All I can say is keep an eye out for updated drivers from ATI.